Care Instructions

Preventative Measures to Take:

Be sure to store on a flat-cool surface. Try not to leave ears in heat or extensive sunlight (sunlight may soften ears). Remember when traveling or at the parks, do not leave them in a hot car, especially in our FL heat. Avoid extreme heat & excessive friction; it can cause the material to soften, making them flexible for a few hours after. If they’ve softened, place them on a flat-cool surface and they will re-harden.

Ensure that you do not leave them on an uneven surface or in the heat, they can warp. Please avoid wetting your ears. Water may mark the ears. The other material used are sequins, mesh, cotton, lace, vinyl and/or foam. Avoid getting these wet. Although ears are well-made, they are still handmade and delicate.

Storing & Traveling Tips:

Practice the tips found in Preventative Measures when storing your ears. Place them in a flat & cool place to prevent distortion. Avoid any crushing, they’re delicate and can warp or detach. Place ears in a plastic zip-lock bag inside a box. When traveling, secure the box in your suitcase between clothes. If possible, transport in a carry-on tote rather than checked luggage.


If you MUST clean your ears, wipe ears with a lukewarm solution of mild detergent and water. Use a clean soft cloth. Blot/blow away liquid remnants immediately, however, avoid excessive friction. Don’t expose the ears to harsh chemicals, some solvents can damage ear surface.

Please handle all ears gently and with care. The polish will wear with time, if not properly cared for. Any excess amount of rubbing/friction, pulling them in and out of back packs, may damage the surface of the ears. Although, I try my best to secure ears and embellishment, if an item or embellishment falls off please contact us immediately. We can discuss a solution in order to correct the problem.

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