Q: How do I O R D E R a pair of ears?

A. All orders must be placed through the website.

 Q: Where is the store L O C A T E D?

A. Cutler Bay, FL (south of Miami, FL)

 Q: How may I C O N T A C T you?

A. Email: crafti.franki@gmail.com or Instagram: crafti.franki (Please avoid reaching out to me on Facebook) 

 Q: How can I leave a N O T E / M E S S A G E for my order?

A. When you place your order, please make sure to proceed with checkout through the cart instead of the quick pays (I.e. Apple Pay / Google/ Shopify etc.). There you can add your trip/due date, IG contact info, or other variant requests.

Q: When will my ears S H I P?

A. All items are made to order unless otherwise noted. For the most up-to-date fulfillment times, turnaround time is listed at the top of www.craftifranki.com home page as TAT (acronym for Turn around Time). I‘m currently fulfilling orders at 3-4 weeks from your order date. Excludes: HOLIDAYS & SUNDAYS If your order is needed by a specific date, you must message that with the order (see Q: How can I leave a N O T E / M E S S A G E for my order?). We will do our best to get them to you in time, however, if the date is within 3-4 weeks of purchase you must contact us B E F O R E buying them to ensure we can fulfill your request. Once your order is completed you will be notified by Shopify with the tracking information. Please note that process time does NOT include the time it takes for you to receive your item.

Please make sure your shipping address is correct, as we are not responsible for packages that get shipped to the incorrect addresses. If you notice your address is incorrect after your purchase, please email me within a day of your order so that I can make the necessary changes. Crafti Franki is not responsible for your package once it gets dropped off at the post office. Nor are we responsible for any damages done during shipping. Our ears are extremely sturdy, and are packaged securely. We take time to ensure your ears are packaged properly to ensure no damages in transit. I have no control over any delays during shipping.

If you ordered a custom design, they can take an additional 2-4 weeks to create and ship. If you purchase both, a custom order and a pre-listed item, the entire order will be shipped together once the custom order is completed.

 Q: Do you ship I N T E R N A T I O N A L?

A. Yep, we sure do! Please note that the buyer is responsible for any customs or additional taxes that may apply. If you do not see your country listed for shipping, please message me and I’ll add it. 

 Q: Do you have L O C A L pick up, exempt from shipping?

A. During checkout, local pick-up option can be located under shipping methods, select that option. Then, once your order is ready, I provide you with my address (in Cutler Bay, FL) where you can pick up your order.

 Q: Do you do R U S H orders?

A. Rush Order? Easy Peasy! An additional fee can be paid to get your order expedited, however that will still entail a 7 business day TAT (Turnaround Time) and not sooner. During the Summer and Fall months, this may be extended to a 14 business day TAT for Translucy’s. To rush your order, simply visit the Services Collection from the homepage, add the ‘Rush My Order’ processing fee to your cart, and contact me (w/ your order number) via email or IG DM in order to remain in constant communication regarding your order. Please keep in mind that this will only rush MY process, i.e. the creation of your ears, not the Post Office mailing process. 

 Q: Do you take C U S T O M orders?

A. Custom orders for Translucy’s will not be available due to the complexity of the material when creating these ears but please reach out to me via email or IG DM and I will confirm whether or not I can create your custom. Should your custom be approved this will extend the turnaround time for your order. If your custom order design is approved, they can take an additional 2-4 weeks to create and ship. If you purchase both, a custom order and a pre-listed item, the entire order will be shipped together once the custom order is completed.

 Q:  How much do the Translucy’s W E I G H & M E A S U R E?

A. Translucent Ears weight 6.5 oz., at most. Average headband and ear size are 9.5in W, 9in H, and 1.25in Depth (including bow).

 Q: Do the headbands F I T all?

A. All headbands used are a one size fits most. It is expected that they should fit children ages 3 and up and most adults. Parent supervision is required as some products may contain small parts. Crafti Franki products have not been certified safe for children.

 Q: Do you have R E T U R N S or E X C H A N G E S?

A. All sales are final. No returns or exchanges will be accepted especially because all items are made to order.

Q: Payment P R O C E S S I N G protocol & C A N C E L L A T I O N for my order?

A. All items must be paid in full before I can ship out or curate the order. Cancellation of a transaction is only acceptable if requested within 24 hours of your purchase.

 Q: Do you have S A L E S?

A. Flash sales may occur randomly and will be announced via my Instagram Page @crafti.franki . All links can be located at the bottom of our shop, or listed in the Contact section of the FAQs. 

 **Crafti Franki is in no way sponsored, administered, affiliated, or endorsed by The Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios, Instagram, Inc. or any of their associates.**